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A Better Tabby's Place for Every Cat
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We Raised $2,000,000 !!

You’ve helped us to build Quinn’s Corner, a haven for the most vulnerable cats in the world.

Quinn’s Corner will soon be filled with happy little friends like Oram (pictured above).

But we don’t want this miracle to be cut short.

A small group of donors was so moved by your generosity, they’ve extended the matching challenge by $125,000, to build a better Tabby’s Place for every cat.

You’ve created the momentum to make life-changing improvements now, while Quinn’s Corner constuction is underway. And every dollar you donate will be doubled.

A Better Tabby’s Place for Every Cat

Sweeter Suites

After 18 years, our cat suites stand in need of repair. Nearly 4,000 cats have romped, cuddled, and dreamed in these bright, open rooms. With construction underway at Quinn’s Corner, this is a fiscally responsible moment to renovate our existing cat suites, equipping them with durable, easy-to-clean furniture; repairing sagging ramps; and making our cats’ home a safer, more comfortable haven. Since many of our residents spend years with us, they deserve “digs” that will delight their senses and support their well-being over a lifetime.

Raising the Roof

The roof over our cats’ heads has taken a beating through the years, surviving several hurricanes and bomb cyclones. Now is the ideal time for us to replace it, sheltering our cats for years to come.

Lovelier Lobby

As Tabby’s Place has grown, our little Lobby has struggled to accommodate a greater volume of visitors and volunteers than we ever dreamed of in 2003. Our renovations will expand the Lobby, making it a more welcoming space for humans and Lobby cats alike. A new atrium entrance will also provide additional safety for our curious Lobby residents.

Calmer Quarantine

Renovated, 50% larger holding rooms will provide greater stimulation for our newest residents during their initial quarantine period.

More Sunshine

Additional solaria will let the sun shine in for cats in our existing office spaces, affording their own personal “catios” for balmy basking.

Your donation will help give cats like Kosmo the haven they deserve.

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If you’re in a position to make a sizable donation, create a beautiful, permanent Naming Opportunity within Quinn’s Corner.

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