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all about Quinn's Corner

A haven for those cats the rest of the world forgot.

You look at the cats that “no one wants” and say, “you matter to me.”

With your help, vulnerable FeLV+ cats will finally have the sanctuary they deserve.

This one-of-a-kind haven is specifically designed to help these wonderful cats thrive.

Tabby’s Place has grown …

from 7,000 sq. ft to 12,000 sq. ft
New additions shown in orange

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A bright, open area, where friendly FeLV+ cats will snuggle with visitors and volunteers, enjoying the same social life as “normal” kitties

Sunny solaria, where FeLV+ cats can enjoy fresh air, sunshine, chirping birds and safe access to the outdoors

A first-of-its-kind feature for FeLV+ cats, “microsuites,” where discordant cats will thrive with human office-mates and/or access to solaria.

Cage-free, communal “colony” suites of 5-10 cats, designed to meet their needs and delight their senses, with plenty of vertical space, cozy nooks, and access to safe, enclosed outdoor solaria

The buzzing hub of Tabby’s Place, our Operations Center (laundry and food prep) will grow by almost 100%, enabling us to keep all of our feline residents clean, comfortable and well-fed

Glimpse inside Quinn’s Corner

Quinn's Corner Lobby

Inside Quinn's Corner Lobby

Quinn's Corner Suite

Kitten Nursery and Adoption Suite

Renovated Suite

Renovated Suite

The Mighty Quinn is still flourishing

Quinn's Story

“Hope” can be as quiet as the sunrise as a new day dawns. No one would have looked upon a tiny kitten, frozen in the snow, and declared, “she’s going to change the world.” But as you know so well, cats don’t answer to anyone’s expectations.

Quinn was that snowbound kitten. A Good Samaritan rushed her to Tabby’s Place, knowing our reputation as a haven for the most desperate. But no sooner did Quinn pull through her initial trauma, than she tested positive for FeLV.

Our collective heart broke, but we cobbled together an isolation room using our limited resources, determined to do our best for Quinn.

A short time later, a woman with a heart of gold walked into Tabby’s Place, seeking to adopt a cat that no one else wanted. When she met Quinn, it was love at first sight. We worried whether the adopter really understood what she was in for. Quinn would live a few months, or a year, if luck prevailed. But our tender, tenacious adopter understood, and Quinn went to her new home.

Months passed, and then years, and Quinn remained a healthy, active cat. She filled her new family’s life with sunshine. Their joy was matched only by the heartache of knowing that numberless cats like Quinn would never know love and safety.

Quinn’s adopter walked into Tabby’s Place once more, determined to work with us to change the world for these wonderful cats. She understood what it entailed and made a generous pledge to enable us to expand and care for the most vulnerable members of the feline family.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is FeLV?

FeLV is short for feline leukemia virus, a condition that can suppress cats’ immune systems and leave them susceptible to other diseases, including cancer, anemia, and infection. FeLV+ cats can live normal, happy lives, although their lifespan has the potential to be shorter. In many shelters and veterinary hospitals, FeLV+ cats are euthanized upon diagnosis because they are deemed unadoptable or thought to have a poor quality of life. At Tabby’s Place, we know this simply isn’t true: thriving, playful FeLV+ cats of all ages have endless love to give, and they deserve loving homes where they can flourish.

What’s the difference between FeLV and FIV?

Although they are both feline retroviruses, each affecting 2-4% of the feline population in the United States, feline leukemia virus (FeLV) and feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) are distinct. FIV generally does not cause severe illness, and many infected cats remain asymptomatic for life. FIV is spread via saliva or blood, and testing is straightforward. Although cats cannot “fight off” FIV, this virus typically has no impact on a cat’s lifespan, and infected cats can live with uninfected cats safely. FeLV, on the other hand, can cause multiple fatal and non-fatal disease syndromes, including certain types of cancer, and persistent infection is likely to result in a shorter lifespan (although life expectancy, like so much related to FeLV, is variable). Whereas FIV is a “fighting disease” typically spread through deep bite wounds, FeLV is a “friendly disease,” spread via secretions including saliva, nasal secretions, urine, feces, and milk. It can be transmitted through grooming, from mother to kittens, and by sharing food bowls, and infected cats should not intermingle with uninfected cats. A small number of cats will “fight off” FeLV, but testing is complicated and may involve bone marrow.

Why do FeLV+ cats need their own special area?

Feline leukemiavirus (FeLV) is highly transmissible through casual contact between cats (such as sharing food bowls and grooming). Accordingly, FeLV+ cats cannot safely be housed with other felines.

Where will Tabby's Place find FeLV+ cats for Quinn's Corner?

Tabby’s Place receives requests to take FeLV+ cats on an almost weekly basis. We are painfully aware that there will be no shortage of cats in desperate need of this one-of-a-kind haven.

Will FeLV+ cats be adoptable?

Yes! Our FeLV+ cats who are in otherwise good health will be available for adoption into loving homes. They will receive the same world-class medical care as all of our resident cats.

Can I visit Quinn's Corner when it opens?

Yes! Tabby’s Place will be thrilled to welcome you to Quinn’s Corner once it is open to the public. Our FeLV+ cats would love to see you. And, fear not; spending time with them will not pose any risk to your pets at home. You can’t carry the virus on your clothes, etc.; all you’ll bring home are joyful memories of time spent with lovable cats who are full of life.

How can I find out more?

Click HERE for our full contact information. We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have, and we’re excited to be on this adventure with you!



Now is the time for your golden heart to shine as a beacon for the little ones who need you most.