What is FeLV?

FeLV (Feline Leukemia Virus), a condition that can suppress a cat's immune system and leave them susceptible to other diseases, including cancer, anemia, and infection. FeLV+ cats can live normal, happy lives, although their lifespan has the potential to be shorter. In many shelters and veterinary hospitals, FeLV+ cats are euthanized upon diagnosis because they are deemed unadoptable or thought to have a poor quality of life. At Tabby's Place, we know this simply isn't true: thriving, playful FeLV+ cats of all ages have endless love to give, and they deserve loving homes where they can flourish.

Why do FeLV+ cats need their own special area?
Feline leukemiavirus (FeLV) is highly transmissible through casual contact between cats (such as sharing food bowls and grooming). Accordingly, FeLV+ cats cannot safely be housed with other felines.
Where will Tabby's Place find FeLV+ cats for Quinn's Corner?
Tabby's Place receives requests to take FeLV+ cats on an almost weekly basis. We are painfully aware that there will be no shortage of cats in desperate need of this one-of-a-kind haven.
Will FeLV+ cats be adoptable?
Yes! Our FeLV+ cats who are in otherwise good health will be available for adoption into loving homes. They will receive the same world-class medical care as all of our resident cats.
How will Quinn's Corner help neonatal kittens?
 Newborns are among the most fragile, underserved members of the feline population. Quinn's Corner will include a world-class kitten nursery where these tiny wonders can receive the intensive nurturing and diligent monitoring they require. Once they're a bit older, these wee ones will graduate to our attached kitten adoption suite, where they will thrive and play in a joyful "romper room", designed to make adopters fall in love with them.
Can I visit Quinn's Corner when it opens?
Yes! Tabby's Place will be thrilled to welcome you to Quinn's Corner once it is open to the public. Our FeLV+ cats would love to see you. And, fear not; spending time with them will not pose any risk to your pets at home. You can't carry the virus on your clothes, etc.; all you'll bring home are joyful memories of time spent with lovable cats who are full of life.
How much will it cost to build Quinn's Corner?
Click here for financial information.
How can I find out more?
Click here for contact information. We'd be happy to answer any questions you may have, and we're excited to be on this adventure with you!