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Quinn’s Mom

Quinn’s Corner Fund of the Community Foundation of New Jersey

Gifts of $25,000 and up

Sandy Bristol

Michael Bzdak and Meredith Arms Bzdak

Ted Cahall

Jessalyn Chang

Diana Garibaldi and Steven Wilber

Leean Hanley and Lilian Rooney

Eric and Tammy Holby

Allison Hunt

Susan Berger Jones

In Memory of Neil & Elizabeth MacPherson

Mayo Family

Phillips Charitable Foundation, Inc.

Carol Shepherd

Sheila and Glenn Smith

Zoey Sparks

Pamela Wells

Janet Wesson

Stefanie and Lou Whitby

Gifts of $10,000 and up

Anonymous (3)

James and Lisa Calicchio

Heather Chalmers and Philip Jeffrey Warden

Cathy Czyz

Keri Daeubler and Tim Ofak

Nina Davis

Norma and Richard Edom

Ruthie Ezell

Dr. Steven and Lisa Finkel, and cats past, present, and future.

Harriette Frank

Patricia Frontera and Ray Johnson

Howard Haber and Felicia Ladin

Tia Hockenberry

Lorraine and Joseph Kelly

David Krone and Alyssa Mastromonaco

Rachelle Lampert

Cynthia Brogdon and Terry Maturo

Doug and Patricia Meredith

Kathi and Kim Miller

The Leslie Miller and Richard Worley Foundation

Vicki Berryman & David Palmer, staff for pussycats Tank and Vampira

Kathy and John Purcell

Karen Rockoff and Darrell Cross

Eve B. Rose and John M. Schiavone

Sandy Simpson

Susan and Charlie Toth

Ed and Val Tucci

David and Meryle Twersky

Al and Gail Zimmerman

Gifts of $2,500 and up

Carol Boyse

Beth Brooke

The Brown Family

Christopher Hartley & Micah Buis

Joanne and Richard Burchfield

Gabrielle Collumb and Brian Worth

Laurel and Richard Conley

Karen Cramer

Nestor and Sheila Danyluk in Memory of Peachy and Bebo

Ellen and William Deane

Richard and Ruth Desmond

Dottie Dicheck

Kate Duffy

Pico, Koa and Kai D’Urso

Carole A. Dux

In memory of beloved Kauai Sweetpea Flood 7/30/2006 – 11/18/2019

Carolyn George

Dr. and Mrs. Michael and Jill Kafrissen

CryBaby and Kiki Kirchner

M Ort & L Hirsch

In memory of Ezra Lim Turner

In memory of John M. McWilliams

Barbara and Michael Murray in Memory of Henriette, Herbert, and Wilbur

David, Archer, Eminem, Tessa, Thurgood, Eleanor, and Freddie Pollak

Dean and Pat Powell

Allan Michael Quis

Linda M. Ranft

Melanie Rowland and Roy Apseloff

Jodi Stasse and Jay Goldberg

Staszak Frymer Family

Adam & Lina Stein

Larissa Juliet Taylor

Elizabeth Tymczyszyn

The Linda von Thaden Foundation

The Wary Family

Anne and Walter Winter

Dawn Zelinski and Jeffrey Drew

Gifts of $500 and up

Anonymous (15)

Nova Ahrens and Louis DiCriscio

Ann A. Albence and Bernardino A. Albence, Jr.

Joan Alden

Allen Black and Randy Apgar

Patricia Bartolotta

Gail F. Bartow

Wendy and Simon Bateson

The Beam Family

Dennis Bell

Billie Berman

Yankee Bernice’s Rainbow Bridge Legacy

Elizabeth and John Best

Mary Blew

Bruce Blumenthal and Jeff Williams

Fran and Jim Boyle

Lou Ann I. Briggs

Joyce and Robert Burian

Shelley Canonico

Andrea Cervantez

Mike Chrysam

Ruth Ciaramella

Richard Clark

Judith A. Colburn and Kevin P. Croke

CoolCyberCats, LLC

RaeAnn Corradetti

Jean M. Corriveau

Ann Culhane

Connie and Vincent

Suzanne M. De Lucia

Roberto & Fiorenza Dolceamore

Tamara Doman

Linda Dunsmuir

Stuart and Susan Ellman in Memory of Tessie

John and Jen Eory

Jean Evans in memory of Nutberger

Bonnie Farber

Sandra M. Field

Pamela Garfield in memory of Ace and White Sky

Richard & Elizabeth Ginman

The Gunby Family

The Hawryluk Family

Robert Herrick

Ann Hurley in honor of Robert Hurley who loved our rescues with all his heart

Chip Hoever & Dan Mackey

Jane Myers and David Hunter

Francine and Roger Jean

Patricia Johnson

Glenn and Melinda Jones

Kathleen Jordan

Thomas W. Kitchin

Francine Klemens

Deb Lawler

John Knecht and Lynnette Logan

Heather and Dave Knight

Michelle Kramer

Joseph Kudrick

Deborah Lawler

Harper Layser

Leslie Leavitt

Frank and Jeanet Leurquin

Theresa Lanuto

Joe Massone

Nancy McCampbell

Valerie and Barry McCarthy

Dr. Carol M. McCullagh

Cheryl McKay

Barbara and Richard McKee & Coco

Carole Mebus

Allen, Marsha, Cooper & Fifi

In memory of Elizabeth Noonan

In memory of Julian and Irene Ochrymowych and their cats

Thomas O’Connor

Holly & Randy Palmé

Diane and Ron Panko

Arthur and Gail Pasquarella

Pico, Koa and Kai D’Urso

Harry and Carol Rose

Nancy and Alan Sacerdote

Kathy and Ken Schurzky

The Seidl Family

David and Pat Schaeffer Fund

Candy & Ron Schaubman

In memory of Wayne Thibodeau, Cleocat, Holly and Junior cat

In memory of Bugsbee Schnatter

Mrs. Twinkie Cupcake

Charles Rogers Shaw and Donna Lawrence Shaw

Matthew Silverman

Dolce and Pi’s Mom

The Spille Family

Lavender Stagnitto

Kathleen and Donald Sternberg

Yvonne and Barry Szaferman

John A & Kathi Blatt Thonet

Florence Tromba

Valerie Tucci

Meryle and David Twersky

Marcia and Richard Ullo

Nancy and Guy Votta from MD

Judy and Steve Walker

Cheri and John Weller

Denise Whitely

Patricia Witlicki

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