Quinn’s Corner

Tabby’s Place is looking forward to providing a haven for FeLV+ cats and newborn kittens.

Like all cats, FeLV+ felines and fragile kittens deserve the very best. Quinn’s Corner will be a world class, one-of-a-kind haven specifically designed to help them thrive. It will include:

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Quinn’s Corner Lobby A bright, open area, where friendly FeLV+ cats will snuggle with visitors and volunteers, enjoying the same social life as “normal” kitties
Solaria Sunny solaria, where FeLV+ cats can enjoy fresh air, sunshine, chirping birds and safe access to the outdoors
Small Suites A first-of-its-kind feature for FeLV+ cats, “microsuites,” where discordant cats will thrive with human office-mates and/or access to solaria.
Large Suites Cage-free, communal suites of 5-10 cats, designed to meet their needs and delight their senses, with plenty of vertical space, cozy nooks, and access to safe, enclosed outdoor solaria
Kitten Nursery & Adoption This expansion will also create a world-class nursery for fragile newborn kittens, as well as a joyful suite for growing “toddlers.”
Operations center The buzzing hub of Tabby’s Place, our Operations Center (laundry and food prep)  will grow by almost 100%, enabling us to keep all of our feline residents clean, comfortable and well-fed