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FeLV+ cats

Cats with feline leukemia virus (FeLV) are the most vulnerable kitties in the world. The disease is difficult to diagnose and manage, and requires a high level of individualized care.

Few shelters have the resources to embrace these dear cats, so they are typically euthanized upon diagnosis. But Tabby’s Place knows these amazing kitties are full of life and deserve a chance to thrive.

Meet some of the FeLV+ cats we have helped

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Neonatal Kittens

The littlest cats need lion-sized tenderness and tenacity. Newborns often arrive without their mothers, making them utterly dependent on our love and expert care.

Quinn’s Corner will allow us to care for these tiny wonders, who are underserved by rescue and veterinary communities due to their fragile nature and need of intense nurture.


Meet some of our former neonatal residents

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