Why now?

We realized long ago that caring properly for FeLV+ cats and fragile kittens would mean expanding our facility to provide specialized areas.

It would take several miracles for this to happen. Of course, Tabby’s Place itself is a miracle, made possible by you, so we had hope.

A tiny kitten was found frozen in the snow by a good Samaritan.

She named the baby Quinn and brought her to Tabby’s Place. But, bloodwork showed that Quinn was infected with FeLV.

Our collective heart broke, but we cobbled together an isolation room using our
limited resources, determined to do our best for Quinn.

A woman walked into Tabby’s Place, seeking to adopt a cat that no one else wanted…

When she met Quinn, it was love at first sight, and she agreed to adopt the FeLV+ cat. We worried whether she really understood what she was in for. Quinn would live a few months, or a year, if luck prevailed. But the adopter understood, and Quinn went to her new home.

Even after six years, Quinn is a healthy, active cat.

While Quinn’s owner was elated, she was also acutely aware of the plight of the most vulnerable cats: FeLV+ cats like Quinn, and fragile newborn kittens.

Quinn’s owner walked into Tabby’s Place once more, determined to work with us to change the world for these wonderful cats and kittens. She understood what it entailed and made a generous pledge to enable us to expand and care for the most vulnerable members of the feline family.